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How to wear and adjust anchor bracelets

How to wear your anchor bracelet? At first the anchor bracelet might seem a bit tricky to use and wear. But don’t worry, it’s actually way easier than you think.

First things first, how to put it on? Place the anchor on your wrist and then put the nylon chord 3-4 times around the wrist. To secure it simply put the anchor through the loop in the end.

Wear Anchor Bracelet 1
Wear Anchor Bracelet 2
Wear Anchor Bracelet 3

To adjust the size of your anchor bracelet you make the loop in the end larger or smaller. This is done by pulling the knot in either direction. And that’s how easy it it to put on and wear your anchor bracelet.

Video tutorial

Redo the knot

Redoing the knot on either side of your anchor bracelet is just as easy as changing the size or putting it on your wrist. It’s the same knot on both ends and it’s done as show in the image below.

Redo knot
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