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BLVCKOUT is an international high end lifestyle brand dedicated to offer our customers the best in anchor bracelets and accessories. BLVCKOUT was founded in 2015 and have since served customers in over 45 countries around the world. 

The brand

For us it’s equally as much about the brand as about the product. We believe these go hand in hand and you can’t make one great without the other. Our brand is embodied through the people that live the BLVCKOUT lifestyle. 

So, what’s the BLVCKOUT lifestyle about? We are citizens of the world. We’re always on the go, meeting new people, experiencing new things and seeing new places. It’s a mentality and a way of living. 

The original Anchor Bracelet

BLVCKOUT started out with a single anchor bracelet, crafted by hand in Sweden. This was the Original London Anchor Bracelet, a silver anchor and a nylon chord in blue, red and white. The colors was inspired by London and the British flag. The anchor was engraved with our signature, BLVCKOUT. 

The bracelet quickly gained popularity and people wanted more. We set out to find inspiration from cities all over the world to continue developing this iconic bracelet. When we returned home we’d seen and experienced some of the most beautiful cities in the world and decided to create a full collection of anchor bracelet with inspiration from these cities. 

This ended up as a 10 pieces collection of bracelets in different colors and styles named after cities like Dubai, Shanghai, Los Angeles and more! 

We got fantastic feedback from our first collection of anchor bracelets. People loved the combination of colors symbolizing the different places and experiences. However, we felt that there was something missing. Silver isn’t for everyone and doesn’t always fit an outfit. We therefore added a golden anchor to all designs in the anchor collection. 

Our last addition to the anchor collection was the limited edition ALL BLVCK bracelet. It’s a plain black chord made from the fines nylon fabric. This is an iconic piece for our brand and will only be available for a limited time. 

The story of an anchor bracelet

The BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets have been sold to people in over 45 countries around the globe. Take a second to think about that, could you even name 45 countries? All these people have different stories, life and goals. But what ties them all together is the bracelet on their wrist. A symbol of unity even though most of them haven never met. 

We have our own vision of what the anchor bracelet means to us. But we also encourage people to create their own visions of what the bracelet means to them. Everyone having the anchor on their wrist if unique and different and we hope that they also have a unique picture of what the bracelet means to them. 

For some it’s a symbol of the ocean, for some it’s the nature. Some share bracelet with a  friend or loved one, living either down the street or on the other side of the world. For some it’s a reminder of home, and for others a reminder of a place they visited. Some wear simply as a fashion accessory and some as a statement. Some wear it as a lucky charm and some as a symbol of peace.

However you choose to wear yours’ we hope that your anchor bracelet can open up the world to you, bring new perspective on life and unite you with people from all over the world. 

Who’s the anchor bracelet for?

The short answer, everyone. The longer answer is also everyone..

To begin with, anchor bracelets are for both men and women. They are unisex and are worn by girls, boys, men and women. The thing that makes this bracelet prefect for all types of people are the fact that it goes very well with most outfits. It blends together and gives a different feel depending on what you are wearing at the moment. 

If you are wearing a pair of swim shorts and a loose linen shirt going to the beach the colorful nylon chord works great and enhances the ”loose and beachy” feeling. 

Pss. An insider tips. We don’t recommend swimming of showering with you anchor bracelet since we’ve had some instances there the knot gets undone. However, most of us here at the office regularly go surfin or swimming with our bracelet. It works fine!

Another outfit that works great with the anchor bracelet is a street outfit. Usually a mono colored plain outfit can be taken to the next leven just by adding a small accessory and some color. Our Los Angeles bracelet for example, dose exactly that. 

Lastly they work great together with a great timepiece and a suit. The silver anchor will shine just as bright on your wrist as your cufflinks or watch.

How do you wear yours? Do you have any other ideas or outfits? 

BLVCKOUT accessories 

After the huge success with the Anchor bracelet we continued to develop the BLVCKOUT brand in line with what our customers asked for. We started off with designing a full collection of bead bracelets. These are handmade from the most beautiful nature materials and are sourced from all around the world. 

Next up we created the BLVCKOUT cufflinks line. Stylish and iconic cufflinks made for the everyday gentleman to be worn at work, special occasions or parties. Our cufflinks are made from stainless steel and comes in 5 different colors, rose, gold, silver and black. 

Another much appreciated accessory from BLVCKOUT is our card holder. It’s made from genuine Italian leather and stitched by hand. It’s a slim card holder for anyone on the go. 

BLVCKOUT also offers our signature winner shirt. With the iconic BLVCKOUT logo on the chest and a slim design. Give yourself a confidence boost that you will feel and others will see so that you can achieve anything. This is much more than a shirt, it’s a statement. 

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