Ambassador FAQ

Most asked questions

How does the program work?

We offer you an exclusive chance as an Ambassador to get free BLVCKOUT products, cash compensation, early access and more. In return we expect you to represent our brand in the best of ways and show BLVCKOUT to new customers. The whole collaboration is about mutual benefits.

When accepted to the program you’ll receive a unique discount code. You’ll then promote this discount code to your audience in your preferred way. Every time a customer uses your discount code you’ll be rewarded.

What do I get from this program?

  1. Rewards (Free BLVCKOUT Products etc.)
  2. Cash compensation
  3. Early access to new products
  4. Exclusive insider newsletter for Ambassadors only
  5. 15% off all BLVCKOUT products


How do I earn these rewards and compensation?

You earn rewards when customers uses your personal discount code.

What products do I get and when?

When your discount code is used you earn free BLVCKOUT products as shown below:

Used 1 time – 1 Free anchor bracelet

Used 5 times – 1 Free BLVCKOUT T-shirt

Used 10 times – The BLVCKOUT Package (2 Bead bracelets/1 Card Holder/1 pair of Sunglasses)

Will I get a free product just for being accepted as an Ambassador?

No. However, you’ll start getting free products and cash from your first sale.

How do I get my rewards?

When you’ve reached enough sales for a reward this will be sent to you. Rewards are sent once a week. When you are eligible for a reward you’ll be contacted for your address and choice of product.

How much commission do I get per sale?

For every sale you earn 5% commission of the total order value (excl VAT).

How do I get my cash compensation?

Your commission is paid via PayPal in bulks of £50.

How do I get access to early releases?

You’ll get notified via email

How do I track my sales?

All Ambassadors have an exclusive discount code. This is how we track your sales.

Where can I find my discount code?

Your code could be found in your acceptance email. It’s usually your social username.

How do I promote if I don’t have a product?

You are free to use any of our photos. Below are some of our most popular photos that you might consider using.

How do I promote when I’ve received my free products?

Now you can take your own personal photos and use when promoting. You are free to take more or less any photo as long as they display BLVCKOUT in a respectful way.

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